Welcome to Frontier Mobile Veterinary Service

Your “In-Home” Veterinarian serving Lincolnton, Denver and surrounding areas.

At Frontier Mobile Veterinary Service our goal is to provide a quality professional veterinary service in the comfort of you and your pet’s home.  Whether you are a stay at home parent, a person without a car, a pet owner with disabilities, someone with multiple pets or the owner of a pet who simply gets stressed out riding in a car or waiting in the doctor’s office, then a house call veterinarian is right for you.

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Our Mission…

Our mission at Frontier Mobile Veterinary Service is to provide professional, personal, mobile veterinary care in the privacy of your own home.  Your pet will receive the highest quality care away from the stresses of the typical veterinary hospital. We will provide your pet with individualized exams, evaluations, and treatments. We believe that emphasizing preventative care and regular health checkups along with integration of appropriate medical intervention will promote long life and good health.

Why use a mobile Veterinarian?

You want to avoid the stress at a typical stationary clinic or hospital.

The presence of other people, pets, different species, strange smells and noise can be uncomfortable for many pets. There is just too much negative stimuli. If this describes your pet, then using a mobile house call veterinary practice will eliminate this problem.

Convienence that fits with your schedule.

Let a mobile house call vet schedule your appointment at a time that is convenient for you. Frontier Mobile Veterinary Service makes appointments from Monday through Friday. Simply call for an appointment or fill out the online appointment form and use the convenience of our mobile veterinary service.

Does your pet have mobility issues like osteoarthritis?

Mobility issues can make getting your pet into and out of a vehicle difficult for you and painful for them. Using a mobile house call veterinary service can eliminate this problem and provide you with peace of mind.

You have cats that stress easily.

A house call vet can eliminates a great part of the stress cats experience at a traditional veterinary clinic. Many pet cat owners delay treatment because of the stress of a car ride and veterinary hospital environment. When you have your cat checked regularly, problems can be found earlier and treatments can be started sooner, which can provide a better and longer quality of life for your feline companion.

You have multiple pets.

Trying to take all of your pets to a traditional veterinary care facility can be a real hassle. Wouldn’t it be less stressful and more convenient to have a house call veterinarian come to you?

Are you considering humane euthanasia to avoid further suffering of your pet?

Another occasion to call a mobile house call vet is when a pet owner is faced with an end of life situation for their pet companion.  A mobile house call veterinarian can make this painful and emotional time less stressful for both you and your pet and it can be performed in the comfort of familiar surroundings.