Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are your costs more than a brick and mortar clinic?
A: Most of our fees are similar in price to most clinics. The only additional cost is the house call fee which starts at $50/visit and varies based on distance from the 28080 zip code.
Q: Do you provide emergency or after hours services?
A: Our hours of business are currently 9-5 Monday thru Thursday, On Fridays, we try to finish around 1PM due to the high traffic volume in the area. For emergencies during regular hours, please contact the nearest stationary practice. For after hours emergencies, we have provided a list of emergency clinics at the bottom of our pages.
Q: What are the advantages of using a housecall veterinarian?
A: Convenience! People who have more than one pet or pets who can not handle traveling or being around unfamiliar animals appreciate having us come to them. Busy people with hectic schedules save the driving and waiting time. Necessity! Some of our clients are people that cannot or do not drive or have elderly pets who do not walk well or cannot handle the stress of the veterinary waiting room.
Regardless of whether you fit these descriptions, you’re welcome to contact Frontier Mobile Veterinary Service – many clients simply prefer the convenience that housecall care offers them, the comfort it offers their pets and the personal touch that comes with at-home vet care.
Q: Are housecalls for everyone and can you perform everything at my house?
A: We do not see large aggressive dogs or feral cats that cannot be controlled by the owner during the exam. We take personal and pet safety seriously. We refer dental cleaning, surgeries, radiographs and in hospital care cases to local or specialty clinics as required.

Q: What are the types of services you provide?
A: Typically, we provide most of the same services that are provided at brick and mortar clinics aside from radiographs (xrays), surgeries and critical care requiring in clinic treatment. Please see the services page for a sample of some of the services we provide. We hope to expand our service to include horses and some small farm animals in 2016.
Q: Can you euthanize my pet at my home?
A: Yes. At-home euthanasia can help you avoid additional stress associated with car rides and hospitals, making this delicate procedure as comfortable for you and your pet as possible. Prior to our visit, you should consider how you’d like to care for your pet’s body afterward. We can arrange for cremation of your pet with Pet Heaven in Cherryville. They provide both group and private cremation for an additional fee.
Q: What should I expect from a housecall appointment?
A: Once your appointment time is scheduled, Dr. Jim will arrive at your home as close to this time as possible…NO waiting in a reception area or exam room! Upon arrival, Dr. Jim will be able to give you and your pet his undivided attention. Please have any previous medical records, blood work results or any other treatment history available. Dr. Jim will discuss this and other concerns that you may have with you at this time. This type of in home care allows most pets to “be themselves” while they are at home, which could further aid in Dr. Jim’s diagnosis and recommendations.
Upon arrival at your home, Dr. Jim will 1st perform a full physical exam of your pet, checking your pet’s health and condition from head to tail (a well-lit area of the home, and a counter or table for smaller patients, to perform the exam is very much preferred and appreciated). After this is done, then vaccines will be administered and/or samples will be taken from your pet for examination at our reference laboratory. That’s it! You can go about your day.
The next day you can expect an e-mail or phone call from us checking on the well-being of your pet if vaccines were given, and possible recommendations or treatments once the lab results are finalized.
Q: How long is a typical housecall visit?
A: The majority of our housecall visits are between 45 minutes to 1 hours for the first pet. This is face-to-face doctor time where all questions can be discussed. Additional pets will take a little longer to examine but usually not by a straight multiplier. Expect up to 30 minutes per additional pet depending on services performed. The longest part of the visit is getting a complete history and discussing diagnostic and therapeutic options. To increase efficiency, we recommend having previous medical records available for review and refreshing your patient’s medical history in your mind prior to the housecall visit. Previous medical records can also be emailed to us in advance. Please visit the Contact page if you require additional information or have any questions.
Q: How do I make an appointment?
A: You have several options. Call 704-745-7550. You may need to leave a message, as “phone tag” happens especially when we are with clients. Please include the date and time you would like for your appointment. You can also fill out the form on our appointments page. Someone will contact you to either confirm the appointment or find another time that works with your schedule.